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Home Automation Services

Multi-Room Audio

Achieve quality sound and enjoy your music anywhere in the house with our multi-room automation system. Play audio from streaming services like Spotify, Amazon Music TuneIn,iHeartRadio and many more. You can share your audio across different rooms and change songs, rewind, forward or replay with a simple tap on your phone or tablet.

Centralized Video

Our centralized video system gives viewers the opportunity to watch their favorite shows, movies and videos in latest 4K resolution without dealing with the clutter of wire and media boxes. Its just you, your TV and unlimited entertainment. Media is shared from a central location with multiple viewers on different screens from different sections of the home.


Our automated alarm systems put security at the touch of your fingertips by giving you full control from your mobile device. You can set your alarm from anywhere, change alarm/security settings and get notified immediately there is a security breach.

Smart Thermostat

Regulate the temperature of your home or office and keep it heated or cool as you desire. Our smart thermostat system helps you achieve better energy savings; it provides maximum comfort, keeps temperature consistent, gives you full control of energy management and offers the best value for money.

Electronic Locks

Our electronic locks add extra security to any home. They can be programmed to track activity 24/7 to notify you when your loved ones get home. Our locks come with high security guarantee and they allow our customers enjoy extra peace of mind, knowing that their valuables are in safe hands.

Smart Lighting

Our smart light can be grouped to define spaces. Control is fully automated and integrated with mobile devices to adjust ambiance, create routines and scenes. Save energy and increase home safety by automating your lights from B&E smart lighting solutions.

Smart Blinds

B&E's fully automated smart blinds system are fully programmed to adjust automatically for optimal light, privacy and energy savings. Our blind shades lets you control the direction and positioning of your blinds from your mobile devices. This saves you the extra work of manually rotating blinds and, it lets you control how much light you want inside your home or office from the comfort of your seat. They come in different shapes, sizes and colors to suit your tastes or preferences.

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